The Abonation - Birth


1 Dari Desa Ke Bukit 3:46
2 Rentak Perang Alam 3:52
3 Jungle Conflict 4:06
4 Modern Groove 2:24
5 Elephant song 2:21
6 Nafas 2:13
7 Jama Waman Gennyo 4:31
8 Dendang Mergastua 1:56


The sounds of the abonation emanates from the cultural and spiritual influences of the Malay-Polynesian world. It reaches out to the psychic of the listeners with a unique primordial rhythm that at times delights the child-like instinct in us but mostly brings out a sense of the mystical.
based In Kuala Lumpur, The Abonation has captured the hearts of music lovers with its unique sound.