Vonülfsrëich - Ülvsfölk


A1 ...Yöhon
A2 Nest Of The Reptile's Egg
A3 Ülvsfölk
A4 Eighteen Thousand Blizzards
A5 Syysriitti Pohjolalle
A6 Lord Isolation
A7 Yöstä...


Recorded in the woods of Taivalkoski, September 2014.

"This is not a metal release. At that point we ended up doing some kind of raw, more or less improvised, semi-acoustic, experimental and ”NEÜ-folkish” outsider music instead, mostly inspired by early Ulver, Burzum, Bathory, Isengard, 70's Finnprog/-folk, dark ambient/drone, Northern Finnish nature mysticism and... Vonülfsrëich. You can also spot a couple of non-metal versions of the tracks that were originally recorded for the Northern Shamanism EP ."

Limited to TWENTY hand-numbered, individually dubbed copies.